Why the exempt market?

From every investment John has seen in his 30+ career, he believes exempt market products offer, by far, the most portfolio diversification and the highest return. Learn More >>

How can John Ardill help me?

John Ardill's mission whether it be in the insurance industry or investment industry, has always been to introduce you to the best possible products. Learn More >>

What has changed from before?

2009 marked a giant turning point for the Exempt Market, as the government introduced new legislation. Learn More >>

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Exempt Market 101

Unlike traditional investments, exempt market products are usually offered by private companies and do not require a prospectus in order to be traded.

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Can I invest in the exempt market?

Ontario law states several requirements before an individual can invest in exempt market products.

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Is the Exempt Market Safe?

The Exempt Market offers investments that do not endure the day-to-day volatility of stock markets and can provide more predictable returns depending on the selected products.

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Can I invest in the exempt market?

Ontario law states several requirements before an individual can invest in exempt market products.

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Who Ardill Financial Is

Ardill Financial is a full service financial brokerage specializing in insurance and long term investments. John Ardill is a Certified Financial Planner© with over 30 years of experience in the financial industry, in both the life and investment sectors. On the life side, John works with some of Canada's top carriers, each holding a wealth of products, ensuring each client receives the absolute best based on their individual needs. Please click to learn more about John's insurance business. Contrary to main stream investments such as mutual funds, stocks and bonds, John is a specialist in exempt market products, and other forms of alternative investments. John is a private market specialist with Raintree Financial Solutions, an Exempt Market Dealer, and he works closely with clients to diversify their portfolios and to reach maximum financial success.

What We Do

As long term investment professionals, Ardill Financial specializes in alternative investments with a focus on selling exempt market products. These are most often offered by companies that are privately run and do not require legal documents like a prospectus for them to be traded. In every province in Canada, save for Ontario, any person is able to purchase an exempt market product through an Offering Memorandum Exemption. In Ontario you will need to have a professional at Ardill Financial work on your behalf to invest. Much like a stock broker or other mainstream investment options, the alternative investments like the exempt market can be a confusing investment area to navigate. By having a professional guide you through the process and purchasing for you, you are assured of quality information and sound advice.

Contact the professionals at Ardill Financial today to get started in your foray into the exempt market. The skill, research and due diligence that goes into each and every one of their product offerings is unmatched. Previous and current clients have experienced this professionalism and now it is your turn!